Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where is Joakim?

Darn ... on the bench with an injured ankle for the third straight game. He said yes, coach said no. He'd like to go-go-go ... The Bulls need him tonight. They're off to a slow start against the Raptors. Derek Rose is just getting warmed up and Boozer seems to be the main guy on the court right now.

I love to watch Joakim Noah play. He is a tall lanky guy with a big cloud of curly hair in a top knot. A great big smile and legs that run on steam. A guy like this will overplay and then wonder why he's still hurting.

His father, Yannick Noah, played tennis for France with grace and style -- and lots of guts. A serious guy on the court. Joakim is cool, hip, a little gawky -- the kid from New York who just has to sink one more shot before dark. And maybe just one more ... Sure miss him tonight!!

Get better, Joakim. Please. Quick.

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