Monday, January 31, 2011

I Miss Brian Urlacher

The Big B on D -- ineffective during the playoffs but a great, big iceberg during the regular season. WAY too sexy for any hair. And he struts the most impudently sleeveless jock walk across the field. Real football in real weather. Forget the Domes.

Oh, yeah, domes. Some years ago when the Bears had a chance to reach the playoffs (don't ask me what year, I don't do dates and I don't do stats), John Madden was on the air clunking his Superbowl rings and saying, hey, this is why the Bears can't pull it out this season. (Takes a look at their schedule). Look at this: Dome-dome-home (clunks rings -- do you see 'em? how could you miss 'em?) and again, Dome-dome-home.

Yeah, so they don't win in Domes. This year, they didn't win at home, outplayed by Green Bay. See ya next year, Bri, on D Fence.

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